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A good dive light will light up the dark spaces and bring out the vibrant colors on night dives as well as day dives.

SCUBAPRO leaps light years ahead in underwater illumination with the introduction of the NOVA 700 dive light. Technical to its core, it is machined from heavy-duty aluminum so it is lightweight and built to last. Its light head is equipped with the newest CREE XML2 LED, capable of pumping out between 700 and 800 lumens of brilliant illumination. It uses simple twist-on/twist off activation backed by double-O-ring seals. Strategically placed knurling (raised-up diamond-shaped indentations in the metal) improves grip and makes the twist activation that much easier. Shock-proof rubber protection on the end of the light head safeguards the electronics and provides an additional no-slip surface.

The NOVA 700 measures 8.7 inches (22.2cm) in length and is powered by three C-cell batteries that provide 10 hours of burn time. Rated to a maximum depth of 1000 feet (300m), the NOVA 700 is equipped with an overpressure valve on the end cap, an important safety feature not normally found on torches in the NOVA 700's price range.

For divers who like a durable dive light with good heft, a generous hand grip, excellent illumination and long burn times, the NOVA 700 can't be beat. (A more compact rechargeable version, the NOVA 700R, is also available.)

Technical Information

  • Rugged black aluminum body offers a stealthy "tech" look while providing lightweight long-term durability.
  • Interchangeable light head is equipped with the newest CREE XML2 LED.
  • 700 lumen illumination ranks among the best in its class.
  • Double O-ring seals ensure watertight integrity.
  • Diamond-shaped knurling (metal indentations) on both handle and light head guarantees a firm grip, with or without gloves.
  • Easy twist on/twist off activation allows for trouble-free operation, regardless of depth.
  • Shock-proof rubber protection keeps the light head safe from knocks and bumps.
  • Over-pressure valve releases any battery off-gassing -- the ultimate dive light safety feature not normally found on torches at this price point.
  • A depth rating of 1000 feet (300m) ensures worry-free lighting in virtually all diving conditions.
  • Powered by three C-cell batteries.

When it comes to evaluating a dive light's brightness, measuring lumens is the easiest and most useful comparison method. A lumen is the intensity of light as it is perceived by a human eye. In other words, a lumen indicates brightness, opposed to a watt which measures power output.

When it comes to cranking out brightness, the NOVA 700runs well ahead of the pack. Producing higher lumens than most primary dive lights -- including many large pistol-grip styles -- and out-pacing virtually all secondary dive lights, theNOVA 700 leads the market in sheer light intensity.

Burn Time
Using a set of three C-cell batteries the NOVA 700 delivers intense maximum illumination which gradually settles into a steady light output, delivering 10-plus hours of total burn time.

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